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"Official Dojo and Organizations" are the heart of the promotion and dissemination of Aikido. Dojo and Organization guidelines are approved by Aikikai Foundation.

International Regulations
International Regulations (Revised, Oct. 2000)

Organization Chart (PDF)

Overseas Organization

The following Aikido Organizations in each country have been given Hombu Official Recognition in accordance with the rules set forth in the International Regulations of Aikido World Headquarters.
There are also a number of Aikido Organization, which have not yet been given Hombu Recognition.
Those organizations, which comprise of Aikido practitioners with Aikikai Dan Grades, are also members of world Aikido family under the Aikikai's umbrella.

Country Organization Contact Point
Argentina Asociacion Argentina de Aikido

  Centro de Difusion del Aikido SEIKI Dojo
  Federacion Argentina de Aikido
  Fundacion Aikido Argentina
  Organizacion Argentina de Aikido
Austria Austrian Aikikai Alliance (AAA)
  Aikikai Federation of Austrian Aikidoschools
  Birankai Austria
Australia Aikikai Australia National Aikido Association Inc.
  Australasian Aikikai
Armenia Aikido Aikikai Federation of Armenia
Belarus Belarus Aikido Federation (BAF)
Belgium Association Francophone d'Aikido (AFA)
  Flemish Aikido Federation (VAV)
  Union belge d'Aikido Federation francophone (U.Be.A.)
Brazil Federacao Paulista de Aikido
  Confederacao Brasileira de Aikido Instituto Takemusu Brazil Aikikai
  Associacao Central de Aikido
  Federacao Brasileira de Aikido (FEBRAI)
Bulgaria Bulgarian Aikido Association
  Bulgarian Aikido Federation
  National Aikido Union-Aikikai Bulgaria
Canada Birankai Canada
  The Canadian Aikido Federation
Chile Asociacion Deportiva Chilena de Aikido Aikikai - Aikikai Chile
People's Republic of China Hong Kong Aikido Association Ltd.
  Associacao de Aikido de Macau - Aikikai Macau
Republic of China (Taiwan) Republic of China Aikido Association (R.O.C.A.A.) Phone: + 02-2731-0819
FAX: + 02-2773-8869
Croatia Croatian Aikido Federation
Czech Republic Aikikai of Czech Republic (CAA)
Denmark Danish Aikido Federation
Estonia Eesti Aikidoliit (Estonian Aikido Federation)
Egypt Egyptian Aikido Association
Finland Suomen Aikidolitto-Finland Aikikai
France Birankai France
  Federation Polynesienne d'Aikido
  Sakumei-kan Aikikai
  Shoyukan Aikikai France
Germany Aikikai Deutschland-Fachverbandf Aikido e.V.
  Aikido Föderation Deutschland
  Aikido Shinki Rengo
  Kenbukai e.V.
  Takamusu Aikido Verband Deutschland
Greece Aikikai of Greece Federation
  Hellenic Aikido Association
  Hellenic Birankai Omirou 18, Halandri, Athens 15232, Greece
Indonesia Bali Aikikai
  Yayasan Indonesia Aikikai N/A
Ireland Irish Aikido Federation
Iran Aikido Association of Iran (Shafaat Dojo)
  Iran Aikido
Israel Aikido Federation of Israel (AFI)
  Birankai Israel
Italy Associazione di Cultura Tradizionale Giapponese-Aikikai d'Italia
Japan All Japan Aikido Federation
Korea Korea Aikido Federation
Kyrgyzstan Aikido Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic
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  • 合気会茨城支部道場

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