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International Regulations

Aikido World Headquaters ・ International Regulations

Explaination about the Aikido World Headquarters and International Regulations.

(1)International Regulations
The Aikido World Headquarters International Regulations were first promulgated by Hombu (Aikido World Headquarters) in 1980 as rules to deal with matters relating to the propagation and development of Aikido throughout the world. Hombu Official Recognition is given to Aikido organizations according to the provisions set forth in the International Regulations.
(2)Revision to Hombu Recognition
Hombu applied revisions to the International Regulations, and the revised Regulations became effective on October 1st, 2000. Major modifications were made to the provisions relating to Hombu Recognition. It was stipulated that Hombu Recognition should be given only to one organization in a given country. However, taking into consideration many factors such as the rapid expansion of the Aikido population in many countries, the birth and growth of new Aikido organizations, etc., it has been decided that Hombu Recognition may be given to more than one organization in a given country.
(3)Hombu Recognition (Article 2)
An Aikido organization which has been given Hombu Recognition is authorized to conduct Kyu/Dan grading examinations for its members, forming a Grading Committee consisting of qualified members (Article 2.3). In this case, such power is given to the organization itself and not to any individual member of the organization. If a member of the Grading Committee leaves the organization, he is no longer authorized to conduct grading examinations. The conditions to acquire Hombu Recognition are listed in Article 2.1. Acquisition of Hombu Recognition by any Aikido organization does not mean that it becomes a representative of Hombu or that it is affiliated to Hombu. Any Aikido organization of the world is independent of Hombu legally and organizationally. Also Hombu Recognition does not mean that the relevant organization can enjoy an exclusive position to propagate Aikido in a given country. Hombu Recognition does not have any political implication. It is a vertical relation between Hombu and each Aikido organization for the purpose of instruction and grading of Aikido.
(4)Relation between Hombu (Aikido World Headquarters) and the International Aikido Federation (IAF)
Hombu Recognition is one of the necessary conditions to become a member of the IAF. However, Hombu Recognition does not mean that the relevant organization automatically becomes a member of the IAF. The International Aikido Federation (IAF), comprised of Aikido Organization of each country with the purpose of expediting friendship, is a Voluntary Organization as well as an Auxiliary Organization of Aikikai.
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