Welcome to Aikikai Hombu Dojo Virtual Tour - 360 Panoramic Photography

Please bear in mind:

The download time of each panoramic view will depend upon the connection quality in between your computer and the Internet.

In some cases, we ask you in advance to be patient. But once the scene is fully loaded, you will no longer have to wait next time you access it.

For mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones, we advise you to "Refresh & Update" the page in which the virtual tour operates when it starts to react slowly. This is due to the fact that the memory and speed on these types of devices is not the same as on Lap Tops or PCs.

And remember:
Once you click on an active icon, please don't touch anything else until the progress bar circle stops moving and the new scene is fully loaded.   Then you can move around the scene while holding click in it and moving the mouse.   Also you can move around by clicking the arrows on your keyboard.

Enjoy the experience.

Hombu Dojo Virtual Tour created by Christian Kleiman - 360VirtualTour.info