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■ Etsunen-Keiko (New Year's Eve Keiko 2012-2013)   31/Dec 23:30-01/Jan 00:30 at Hombu Dojo 

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 Over 200 Aikikai members perticipated in the 2012-2013 Etsunen Keiko.
■ Basics First, Basics Second
   Shin Shun Do GenNew Year Statement)
by Aikido Doshu / Ueshiba Moriteru

Happy New Year,

 I am very happy that we can start this New Year together with such a pleasant feeling. While Japan and the rest of the world are in rapid flow, both politically and economically, I feel almost left behind. Two years ago we experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake, and I wonder if I am alone in realizing how thankful we can be to be able to start New Year so calmly?
 Aikikai Foundation was able to finish the last year, safely and without incident. As in previous years, last year’s Aikido activities both at home and abroad, centered on the Aikikai Hombu (headquarters), involved a large number of seminars and anniversary events all peacefully and calmly executed, including a succession of major events such as the International Aikido Federation and the Anniversary celebrations of Hombu Dojo. I feel that last year was a year of progress for the Aikikai through the successful completion of those events.
 On April 1, 2012, the Aikikai Foundation was able to be registered as a ‘public interest incorporated foundation’ which represented a departure from the ‘pubic-interest foundation’ with which we familiar for 60 years.
 Its organization and activities are almost same as before. I decided with a new determination that I must continue to comply with the Aikido created by the founder and spread Aikido properly to society, promoting and maintaining it as a ‘public interest incorporated foundation.’
 In November last year, I was awarded a gold medal by the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain, as was Kishomaru 2nd Doshu, for, “honoring the promotion and dissemination of Aikido, wa-no-kokoro (the unity soul), to the world at large, and in line with the educational philosophy of the university”. In this way, Aikido has spread at home and abroad and is appreciated highly from abroad. I feel now that I must firmly enter into the role of cultural exchange and private diplomacy which aikido plays.
 In September, the 11th International Aikido Federation Convention was held at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center. Since the 10th IAF was held in Tanabe city, birthplace of the founder Morihei Ueshiba, it had been eight years since the IAF was held in Tokyo. I was worried about the participants from overseas because of Fukushima nuclear power plant problems. I am pleased that I was able to finish that fulfilling week with so many people gathering from abroad.
 The celebration “the 80th Anniversary of Establishment of Aikido Hombu Dojo, and the 70th Anniversary of the Accreditation of the Aikikai Foundation” had been deferred from the previous year. Since it overlapped with the last day of the 11th IAF, there were many overseas attendees and the venue was filled with more than 1,900 people, which was far beyond of my expectations, and the celebration was both peaceful and exciting. I am confident that this is the result of keeping daily keiko, cherishing wago-no-kokoro (the unity of mind), moving forward steadily, and being centered in Hombu Dojo.
 I have always talked about the importance of basic movements of Aikido in my seminars.  I think that last year was the year of a major leap forward. This year, once again, I want to return to the starting line and practice with the sprit of basics first, and basics second. Because, in order to continue the history, I think that it is very important to move forward steadily valuing the basics.
 I would like to push forward cherishing the basics, without being wrapped up in, or pressured by society. I look forward to your continued cooperation.

 Hatsu-Keiko (First Lesson of 2013)    06/Jan 06:30~07:30  
  Every year, Hatsu-Keiko (first lesson of the year) held on 6th January at 06:30a.m. Almost all Hombu dojo's shihans & instructors attend the class and practice with ordinary practitioners together. It is very hard to take proper UKEMI since the dojo is so crowded but it is a great opportunity to practice with Hombu dojo's shihans or instructors for one whole hour under Doshu's instruction before dawn. This year about 100 members perticipated in the Hatsu Keiko.
 Hombu Dojo Kagami Biraki  13/Jan 14:00~ceremony, 15:00~social-gathering (fee:500yen)



award ceremony

award ceremony

Doshu greeting

Doshu Embu

Doshu Embu

Doshu Embu

naorai 3F

naorai 2F

 About 1,000 Aikikai members perticipated in the Hombu Dojo Kagamibiraki in 2013.
 KAN-KEIKO in 2013 (Mid Winter Training)  28/Jan ~ 06/Feb

First Keiko of 2013 Kan-Keiko (6:30 a.m. 28th)
 Every year, Hombu dojo holds a mid-winter training during the most coldest season in Japan for 10 days, from last the Monday of January to the first Wednesday of February.
Practitioners need to take at least one class everyday during Kan-Keiko period. When they are able to practice for 10 whole days, they are given a diploma and a TENUGUI (a special traditional Japanese towel) autographed by Doshu as a prize for perfect attendance.

Mid-summer training will be held from the last Monday of July to the first Wednesday of August. 

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