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 35th Children's Aikido Training Meet  21/Jul. at Nippon Budokan       *addmission : free
 150 groups and around 2,400 students participated.

commemorative photos by mothers

our big moments are coming!

Waka-sensei announcing the onset of the meet

opening ceremony

opening ceremony

oath; Tomoya Tnaka
Noriko Kageyama

Basic training 1

Basic training 2

Basic training 3
shouemuchi iriminage

Basic training 4
shomenuchi iriminage

waiting in the corridor
"getting nervous"

Rensei Embu

Rensei Embu

Rensei Embu

Rensei Embu

Rensei Embu

OG/OB Embu

Jiyu Embu

closing ceremony 1

closing ceremony 2
awarding ceremony
Impression of the Children's Aikido Training Meet

I think that this is my last children’s training meet during my junior high school days because I am in the 9th grade.
I am happy because I was able to devote myself wholeheartedly to the meet. - Ayano FUKUI (grade 9)

I did my best because it was my last demonstration in the children’s meet. - Rei SUZUKI (grade 9)

This was my first demonstration but I enjoyed it so much. The last sensei (=Waka-sensei) was amazing. - Koki MORI (grade 1)

 12th All-Japan High School Aikido Demonstration  31/Jul 12:00~15:30 at Tokyo Budokan, Ayasey
                                                                                        *addmission : free
 40 schools, 503 students participated from all over Japan .                                
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  < Opening Ceremony >
   1)    Opening speech                    2)    Singing of the national anthem
   3)    Greetings from the chief of the federation      4)    Congratulatory message from Doshu
   5)    Introduction of, and greeting from VIP's
  < Part 1 > *Demonstrations by each school
            *Model Demonstration by acting dojo-cho of Hombu dojo, Mr. Mitsuteru Ueshibal
  < Part 2 > *Seminar lead by Hombu shido-bu shihan, Mr. Hiroshi Fujimaki
           *Closing speech 
 2013 Mid-Summer training    29/Jul. ~ 7/Aug. at Hombu Dojo    
  Over 100 practitioners accomplished.
- Every year, Hombu dojo holds a mid-summerr training during the most hottest season in Japan for 10 days, from last the Monday of July to the first Wednesday of August. -
 Practitioners need to take at least one class everyday during Shochu- Keiko period. When they are able to practice for 10 whole days, they are given a diploma and a TENUGUI (a special traditional Japanese towel) autographed by Doshu as a prize for perfect attendance. Accomplished practitioners were informed on the second floor bulletin board in Hombu Dojo
 ■ Hombu dojo children class also has Shuchu-Keiko (summer intensive training)
   at 3rd floor dojo from 7th to 11th August.  
   (usually children classes are held at 2nd floor dojo)
   Accomplished students will be given a certificate and TENUGUI.

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