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■ 34th Children's Aikido Training Meet  22/Jul. at Nippon Budokan       *addmission :free
 A record-high of 161 groups and 2,502 participants participated.
=== Greeting by the honorary chairman of the meet; Aikido Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba ===

I am pleased to hold such a great-shaped 34th All-Japan Children’s Aikido Trainng Meet at the Nippon Budokan.

With refreshed faces I am very excited to see you again since last summer. During the basic Rensei (training), please carefully observe waza (the technique) and movement of the instructors and practice diligently. For Rensei Embu, please demonstrate the results of your daily keiko and make this event a wonderful summer memory.

After the oath; 
I started Aikido when I was in the first grade of primary school. It will be my ninth year this year. For the last nine years, I met a lot of teachers and Aikido fellows. One of my best memories is that I was taught the importance of words by Masando Sasaki, Hombu Dojo Shihan, when he came to Osaka, he stayed at my house, and we had a meal together.
This is
my second time to participate in the Children’s Aikido Training Meet. I did not think that this important task would come for the second time. But, not everybody can have this experience, so I shall clasp tightly to the importance of words, and do my best.
, although I was nervous to face a microphone in front of 2500 people, because of the enthusiastic guidance of Kanazawa shihan in rehearsal, I was able to finish without big mistakes and I really appreciate his help. I want to continue aikido in the future cherishing both the encounter and the words.
                              Aikido Senshu Buikukai / Akito Okamoto (Jr. High gr.3)

I began Aikido in the fourth grade of primary school. It will be my sixth year this year. At first, I practiced Aikido casually. However I was taught not only the techniques but also many other things, I enjoyed Aikido day by day and was able to have fulfilling Aikido training. This is my second time to participate in the Children’s Aikido Training Meet. I was very happy to be chosen the oath, but on the other hand, I also got very big tension.
On the day of the Meet, I was more nervous than I expected because of the size of the Budokan and the large number of participants. But I was able to speak in a surprisingly loud voice, and with cooperation of everyone, finished successfully and safely. I was able to perform the following demonstration freely. I appreciate very much the support for the oath from many people including teachers. I want to continue to practice aikido making use of this experience and making efforts every day in the future.
                              Aikido Senshu Buikukai / Tatsuki Kawasaki (Jr. High gr.3)

 Mid-Summer training    30/Jul. ~ 8/Aug. at Hombu Dojo   
 Over 120 practitioners accomplished this year.
- Every year, Hombu dojo holds a mid-summerr training during the most hottest season in Japan for 10 days, from last the Monday of July to the first Wednesday of August. --
Practitioners need to take at least one class everyday during Shochu- Keiko period. When they are able to practice for 10 whole days, they are given a diploma and a TENUGUI (a special traditional Japanese towel) autographed by Doshu as a prize for perfect attendance. Accomplished practitioners were informed on the second floor bulletin board in Hombu Dojo
 11th All-Japan High School Aikido Demonstration  3/Aug 12:00~ at Chuo Daini Budojo in Nara city

 (The first All-Japan High School Students Aikido demonstration held in Kansai region)      *addmission :free
 42 schools, 503 students from all over Japan participated.                                

<< Program >>
  < Opening Ceremony >
      1)    Opening speech
      2)    Singing of the national anthem
      3)    Greetings from the chief of the federation
      4)    Congratulatory message from Doshu
      5)    Introduction of, and greeting from VIP's
  < Part 1 > 
   Demonstrations by each school

  < Part 2 > 
   Seminar lead by acting dojo-cho of Hombu dojo,

       Mr. Mitsuteru Ueshiba
  < Closing Ceremony >
      1)    Overall
      2)    Closing speech


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