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 Shinobu-kai (Anniversary of the founder's passing)   26/Apr. 19:00〜20:00 at Hombu Dojo 
  Shinobu-Kai, a traditional Aikikai ceremony, was held at Hombu Dojo, 3F, at 19:00 on 26th April. Around 100 people attended including practitioners from Hombu Dojo and from all over Japan.
  The ceremony started with a one-minute silent prayer to mourn the victims of the Higashi-Nihon (East Japan) Earthquake.
  Three films were presented at Shinobu-Kai. "Budo" shot around 1936 when Kaiso was 53 years old, “Film of Kiaso and Kisshomaru Doshu” shot around 1958 at the old Hombu Dojo, and “Nippon no Budo, Aikido” shot in 1975.
  After the films, Mr. Shoji Koto made a speech.

  Due to the Higashi-Nihon Earthquake, the social-gathering for this year was cancelled.


=== Greeting from Doshu ===
  Kaiso (the founder) passed away on 26th April 1969, and Kisshomaru-Doshu on 4th Jaunary, 1999. Since Kisshomaru-Doshu disseminated Aikido keeping faithful to Kaiso's intention, Aikido is now spreading widely. Today we have films of Kaiso and Kisshomaru-Doshu, and I would be happy if you can take the techniques, the spirit, and many other things in these films, and that they will be useful to you in your Aikido. I believe that some of us watch these films every year, and as we continue our practice, each year we are able to see them in new and different ways.


- Impression of Anniversary of the founder's passing –
  I saw, many times before, videos, films, documentaries about Aikido and O'sensei but I have to say that watching O sensei in action at the hombu Dojo, near his grandson, the actual Doshu, is a very special moment. I felt like he was still alive, near us, very close. I thought I heard him saying to his grandson and to us: "I started so please continue..."
    Thanks to the Doshu, to Hombu's senseis and to the staff for this unforgettable evening. 
                                                   by Omar Amni (from Morocco)

 TSUKINAMI SAI (AIKI Shrine monthly festival)    29/Apr 10:00~ceremony at Aiki Shrine in Iwama

Aiki Shrine Tsukinami-Sai     

  The Aiki Shrine Festival was cancelled due to the Higashi-Nihon Earthquake. In place of the Aiki Shrine Festival Tsukinami-sai (monthly ceremony) was held on 29th April with around 80 members from Hombu dojo and Ibaraki Branch Dojo. The ceremony started with Shubatsu (shrine ritual) and continued with Norito (Shinto prayers), Tamagushi-hoten (offering a branch of the sacred tree to a god) by the Ueshiba family and some representatives, prayers Kamigoto, by all attendees, and then moved on to the memorial service for Kaiso and Kisshomaru Doshu. It was almost the same ceremony as TAISAI. After the shrine rituals, Doshu and Waka Sensei demonstrated Hono-Embu. 

=== Greeting from Doshu ===
I send my deep and abiding sympathy and prayers to the victims of the Higashi-Nihon Earthquake. The Aiki shrine and the Ibaraki Branch Dojo were also damaged. Under these kinds of social conditions, I was not able to invite all relevant groups of aikido from all over Japan. However I appreciate that I was able to hold Tsukinami-sai and the memorial service for Kaiso and Kisshomaru-Doshu. I prayed for social calm and a broadening of Aikido to the deified spirits of Kaiso, Great God of Aiki Shrine, and Kisshomaru-Doshu. I would like to live respecting daily achievement and positively setting the world alight. I hope we can walk together, taking advantage of the peaceful spirit of aikido, Wa-no-Kokoro. Thank you very much for your attendance today.”

  Honden (the main building) of Aiki shrine, Torii (a Shinto gateway) and the ceiling of the Ibaraki Branch Dojo were damaged by the earthquake, but Honden and Torii were repaired. The Ibaraki Branch Dojo still cannot be used.

■ 49th All Japan Aikido Demonstration   28/May 12:00~  at Nippon Budokan    *addmission :free

=== Greeting from Doshu ===
 I would like to say a few words as an organizer;
 I would like to express my sincere condolences to the victims, and my heartfelt sympathy, to those who suffered from the Higashi-Nihon Earthquake, described as the greatest natural disaster of the century. Considering this situation, I am pleased that we are able to hold the 49th All Japan Aikido Demonstration with such a large number of people here today at the Nippon Budokan. This is the biggest event hosted by the Aikikai Foundation and an event where members of Hombu Dojo, of the many registered dojos, and of students’ clubs from all over Japan, can all take part together. I am very pleased that in spite of the difficult situation, people from the east side of Japan and who suffered from the disaster were able to participate in this event. I have also heard that there are those who could not take part due to heart-breaking grief, and some who had planned to take part in this event but were victims of the disaster. This is a time that we should try not to lose our usual state of mind, and show the successful results of our daily Keiko.
 Aikido, as established by Kaiso, Morihei Ueshiba has spread out to well over 90 countries all over the world and is understood by many people. We must take advantage of this event to create a great circle of Aikido. I believe that everyone participating in today's embukai is very thankful that it can take place, even in these conditions, and that we will demonstrate our embu with a clear and full-hearted spirit. In conclusion, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and to other relevant groups for their support.

Opening: The ceremony started with a silent prayer to mourn the victims of the Higashi-Nihon Earthquake.

Embu: Students / Dojo Embu/WAKA-Sensei/ TADA-Shihan
; University, High school and Junior high school sutudents
   Dojo Embu
; Some dojos in Tohoku area was able to attend and demonstrate their embu and all of aikikai
            staff asked donation for Higashi-Nihon(East Japan) Earthquake.

Morioka Pref.

Iwate Pref.

Miyagi Pref.


Waka Sensei

Tada Shihan

Closing: After the closing ceremony, all of aikikai staff asked donation for Higashi-Nihon Earthquake.
Doshu's Greeting&Embu
Closing ceremony

-- Impression of the 49th All Japan Aikido Demonstraion --
 This is my second time in Japan and first time seeing and participating in All Japan Aikido Demonstration. It’s gorgeous and impressed. I didn’t expect to see so many people and all of them practicing Aikido.  From the very beginning, I was really impressed to see a lot of people standing in line to wait at the entrance of Budokan.  All of them, the young (very) and the old, were wishing to take part in this event. During all the embu, I felt that everything was organized very very well. All Hombu members were like one, making their best efforts to make this year all Japan Demonstration successful and unforgettable. The atmosphere in Budokan was really great.  It was fulfilled with idea of spirit, harmony and friendship truly.Of course it’s truly amazing to see so many masters on Tatami during one day.  I think this is the only place you can see such a thing. And it was so difficult for me to watch five or even three tatamis when Hombu shihans are demonstrating and in a moment, I heard “bumm” sound (end of demonstration Taiko was beaten suddenly). It was over. Next groups are already waiting for their entrance of the arena. I think this event is a great gift for all who practice Aikido all over the world.Thank you!                          
 (Mantas Puodziunas /Lithuania (Aidas Dojo))

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