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 51st All Japan-University Students' Demonstration   
                                        26/Nov. 12:00〜16:00 at Nippon Budokan 
-- About All Japan University-Students Aikido Federation --

Yuta Hashimoto / the 51st Chariman 

  At first, I have to talk about the students from Tohoku area. There are some students who lost their loving families and so on, but fortunately, there are no victims of university students in spite of the huge disaster in March.  Through the difficulties, 24 members of 8 universities attended this demonstration at Nippon Budokan on 26th, November.  There are some colleges which had damages from the earthquake in other areas, but today some members among of 86 clubs showed their aikido and practiced together almost for 1 hour. I’m glad to see tough students from all over Japan, and so happy to see so many aikido-mates.  What a wonderful thing!  Without this demonstration, we, students of university, can’t get together.
  The next year, this event will be held on 2nd December. I hope we will come and practice together and show our power again.

=== Greeting from Doshu ===

I would like to congratulate all of you on this day of the 51st all Japan Students’ demonstration.
I think it’s wonderful that this event has been run by students since its inception until now. I believe that this is the result of your passion for Aikido.
Aikido has spread to over 90 countries worldwide. This is because Kisshomaru doshu and other senior sensei devoted all of their energy to the dissemination of true Aikido, established by Kaiso, Ueshiba Morihei. 
Particularly, I recognize that the students’ aikido, and that of their seniors, was a driving force for the growth of Aikido in Japan since the 1950’s until now. 
We need to transmit this wonderful true Aikido to the next generation. I would like all of you who will participate today to show us the result of your daily keiko.
Gambatte Kudasai!

-- Impression of the 51st All Japan Students'l Aikido Demonstraion --  

Great Opportunity of looking at myself

Sophia University



           I participated in 51th All Japan Students' Demonstration at Nippon-budokan on November 26th. On that day, there were many students who have been practicing aikido in Japan. I did a demonstration as a member of Sophia University Student Aikido Club and practiced with students from other universities. I learned a lot of things through these experiences.

           First, during the practice, I practiced with many people who each came from different universities. Through this practice, I reconsidered my own technique, physical strength and daily practice.

           Second, by watching many demonstrations, I realized many things which I still have to learn. Many students did great demonstrations. I felt that they did a hard and good-quality practice.

           Third, in my own demonstration, I had an indescribable feeling of tension. The feeling, I think, came for two reasons; one came from being watched by many spectators and the other came from an awareness of wanting to do my best on this large stage, Nippon-budokan. In fact, I could not do my demonstration the way I usually do. However, I'm sure that I had very good experience because it was a very valuable experience for me, something that I cannot have only through my daily practice.

           Finally, I greatly appreciate all the people who were involved in this event including my coach and seniors. From now, I would like to continue to practice hard with a gratitude for others so that I can improve my technique even more and gain the physical and mental well-being.

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