AIKIKAI FOUNDATION - 2010 Newsletter

 Anniversary of the founder's passing    
date: April 26, 2010
time: 19:00〜21:00
19:00〜20:10 ceremony & 3 films
20:15〜21:00 social-gathering 
place: Honbu Dojo 3F
attendance: 110
admission: free 
Greeting from Doshu

Kaiso (the founder) deceased for forty one years and Kisshomaru-Doshu for eleven years. I would like to acknowledge of the aspects of the founder and Kisshomaru-Doshu accurately and utilized the acknowledgement to your Keiko.  
 <Shinobu-Kai* 19:00〜20:10>
*Doshu Speech
*3 films of Kaiso and Kisshomaru Doshu
1) Budo 1937
2) Kaiso & Kisshomarru-Doshu's movie 1957
3) Nihon no Budo, Aikido 1975
After Monday regular (17:30-18:30) class, 3rd floor was changed to the ceremony place. Shinobu-kai has started by Sugawara sensei (MC)'s opening at 19:00.

After the 3 films, low tables were set up for the social gathering by Aikikai staff (including Sensei) with some attendance. Traditional SAKE and typical TUMAMI, Kaki-no-tane*(nibblies) were provided by Aikikai.

Mr.Shoji Koto gave his speech for the opening. Mr. Fumio Akanuma was a stoaster.
During the gathering, Mr.Kisaji Kaneko, Mr. Sho Ozaki and Doshu gave us Kaiso and Kisshomaru-Doshu's reminiscences. 
 <Social Gathering 20:15〜21:00>
*Speech by Mr. Shoji Koto
*Toaster: Mr. Fumio Akanuma
<Impression of Anniversary of the founder's passing>

- The Ceremony started at 7 on the tatami of the 3rd floor of the Hombu Dojo by the projection of 3 movies:
The first one was a very old movies showing O Sensei's teaching during a class. The practice was very academic. 
I asked myself by witch magic spell this severe and formal martial art became one of the most loved and practiced martial art in the world. The second video was much recent and show a quite different face of the founder. O Sensei  was already very old but he was smiling and very dynamic. I'm always amazed to see that old man throwing people as if they are paper sheet and this vivacity in his eyes!  In this movie we could see some images of the young Kisshomaru Doshu during his practice.
The third video was a teaching video by Kisshomaru Doshu. As I'm still very young in my practice of Aikido I don't have the occasion to see a lot of videos of Kisshomaru Doshu. What struck me was his expression! He gives me the image of a very calm and straight person. I remember asking one day to Toriumi Sensei who was his Sensei. Kisshomaru Doshu he told me.  As I was looking at my Sensei's Sensei for one of the first time of my life,  I remembered the respect and the gratefulness on the face of my teacher.
After the projection we all helped installing table on the tatami to share a cup of Japanese sake in the memory of those two great men. We were all mix together: Senseis, Hombu staff, students... it was very relaxed and joyful ambiance. Doshu thanks us to be here today and told us a little about his father and his grand-father and also his Doshu's position as a father and a grand-father himself . One man told us about his experience with O'Sensei . He told us how he had to play a trick on O'Sensei and put forward all the clock of the dojo in order to O'Sensei not to be late for an event and do not use whole time for his Enbu. This event makes me think about our position ,today, as we are practicing aikido, how we are the here of those men how create and promote Aikido and how we can use there teaching during practice but also in our every day life. (C.Tanaka)

 <Tips of Shinobu-Kai>
Shinobu means "commemorate" and Kai means "meeting" in Japanese.
 typical Japanese snack for Beer made from rice. (Kaki=Japanese persmimon, Tane=seed )
 This snack shape is similar to persimon seed. two flavors: hot pepper and Wasabi flavor

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